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Chapter 3 One Who Raises His Voice in Conveying Knowledge

Daftar Isi [Lihat]
Chapter 3 One Who Raises His Voice in Conveying Knowledge

(From the audio recording of the study of the book of Sahih Bukhari by the presenter al Ustadz Muhammad Afifuddin hafizhahullah)


حدثنا أبو النعمان عارم بن الفضـل قـال : حدثنا أبو عوانة ، عن أبي بشر ، عن يوسـف بـن مـاهك ، عن عبدالله بن عمرو قال : تخلّف عنّا النبي ﷺ في سفرة سافرناها ، فأدركنـا - وقـد أرهقتنـا الصـلاة - ونحـن نتوضأ، فجعلنا نمسح على أرجلنا ، فنادى بأعلى صوته :  ويل للأعقاب من النار» مرتين أو ثلاثا
 [ أخرجه مسلم: ٢٤١]

From 'Abdullah bin 'Amr radhiyallahu 'anhuma he narrated: "The Messenger of Allah was left behind on a trip that we were doing. So the Messenger of Allah found us in a state where we were about to perform the Asr prayer and we were performing ablution. We began to wipe our feet. So the Messenger of Allah calls out in the loudest voice: "Harm to the (unwashed) heels from the threat of hell" repeated 2 or 3 times".


+ The ability to raise / amplify the voice with knowledge if needed
+ Sunnah of the Prophet is to raise the voice when the Friday sermon. It was characterized by his companions that the Messenger of Allah when he gave the sermon his face turned red, his voice rose, and the veins in his neck were visible. It was as if he was organizing his troops. Mentioned in a hadith narrated by Muslim from a friend of Jabir bin Abdillah radhiyallahu'anhu he explained that the Messenger of Allah when he gave a sermon and then mentioned the matter of the apocalypse, his anger was very loud and his voice high.
+ Rasulullah and his companions went on a journey
+ It is permissible to do ijtihad(1) at the time of the prophet as was done by the companions of the prophet
+ Washing the feet in ablution is obligatory
+ If there are members of ablution that must be washed with water but are not exposed to water, then the ablution is invalid
+ It is prescribed to repeat the words so that they are understood when needed

(1) Legally, ijtihad is carried out by 'ulama and not everyone is allowed to perform ijtihad

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